Consciousness of women's work changed with the times

Consciousness of women's work changed with the times

The domestic way of working has also changed due to the economic downturn, and how women work is also different from conventional ways.


Traditionally, women were thinking of getting married and becoming a full-time housewife even if they worked when they were young.


In the era when it was called a ice age of employment due to a recession, many women gave up hiring jobs and companies and got a job.


The thing underlying that value was that when I got married I quit my job and send my daily life as a housewife.


Due to the economic downturn, the number of regular workers' jobs has decreased, and the number of part-timers and temporary recruits has increased.


Some wish to work as a regular employee, but some say that the economy is bad and they can not become regular employees.


The salary does not increase without working as a regular employee, and there are an increasing number of people who are suddenly dismissed without advancing promotion.


Men's work is never safe, and even women can not say anything like a housewife.


There are more people who choose jobs that women can continue as long as men do.


In Japan, it is expected that workers in the future will continue to decrease, there is no room to stop the population decline.


Among the companies, we review welfare programs and support childbirth and child rearing so that men as well as women can become companies' fighting forces.


The circumstances of thinking and the environment of the workplace are also being reviewed, so that women can work as a member of society for a long time.